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Your initial visit will take about 60-90 minutes. We will go over your questionnaire (medical and social history, diet, current medications and supplements, etc.), lab work, main health concerns, expectations, and goals. Together we will begin developing a wellness plan individualized for you, based on your health history and lab tests; this could include dietary and lifestyle changes, detoxification, herbs, supplements, hydrotherapy, and/or homeopathy. Additional labs may be suggested to help identify the root cause of your concerns.

This visit is 6-8 weeks after the initial visit and lasts about 30-45 minutes. We will go over any changes that have occurred, lab work, and answer questions. After assessing progress, further recommendations will be made as needed.

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No, we do not accept insurance at this time; we can accept payment from an HSA account. Payment is also accepted as cash, debit, or credit card at the end of your office visit.

The first difference is our philosophy. Naturopathic doctors (NDs) are committed to identifying and addressing the root cause of your health concerns, not just treating symptoms. We believe that when the body has what it needs, it can heal on its own. We take into consideration your whole being- physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual- to come up with an individualized plan to restore balance in your body and attain optimal health. The second difference is our toolbox. Most MDs use medications, whereas NDs use natural therapies and substances to support the body’s natural capability to heal and help prevent further dis-ease. There is definitely a time and place for conventional medicine. We will never not recommend you seek conventional medicine if medically necessary.

Yes. We feel that you are best served when we communicate and work together to help you reach your desired health goals. Both doctors contribute to the care of the patient from their respective backgrounds.

Yes. One of our naturopathic principles is, “First, do no harm.” Although our goal is to address your health concerns naturally, we will never put our patients in danger by not recommending medications if medically necessary.

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